Thursday, 18 October 2012

drift to an organic garden

  • 2012.07.29

It is a residence of T at Akashi-shi.
The purple mold disease has broken out in the Japanese oak of a hedge.
The surrounding environment has a planting portion in along the road of asphalt in the residential street.

The step is weeded out finely.
(The direction of the house took care and was done so)

The grandmother managed in the garden for years this time passed away, and I was allowed to make one proposal by a thing that the young Mrs. will manage the garden.
Doesn't it shift to organic management from the old management method?
Let's install bottom grass and a banker plant and cope with it having no agricultural chemicals and sick.
I planted one share of lippia and one share of ajuga at a time at feet of an oak tree, left the weeds of the big bowl which must have been removed as it was, and it made it have a situation seen.

The shift to Organic Garden needs time.
First of all it is important to change into a healthy state the wooden root and ground of an oak which has a disease of purple mold.
I decided to hear for seeing a situation in autumn.
It is related to shift to a certain meaning and organic management also with shift of a sense of values and a lifestyle.
I just wish it if I have seen a situation and could drift with no stress.


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