Wednesday, 6 February 2013

about insects (my point of view at summer 2012)

It is said that the gross weight of an ant is heavier than the gross weight of the human being in the world.
The earth is overflowing with insects.
I think that it will be a natural view that human can coexist with insects.

Although I dislike insects, I think that it is fate that I cannot but associate with an insect as long as work of a gardener is done.

Although it is called a noxious insect and a useful insect, it is a human-centered view and is an existence indispensable also to the insects called a noxious insect for those predation persons, considering the ecosystem of the earth. 
The ant, and gejigeji and the insecticide for dangomushi are also marketed now, and an ant, gejigeji, and dangomushi are existences indispensable to carrying out early breakdown of the organic matter which fell to the ground.
Next a microbe disassembles the thing which they disassembled and it makes the rich ground

If it says by an ecosystem, a wooly bear supports parasitism punishment and the plant louse is supporting the ladybug, for example. 
The natural enemy of a mosquito is a bird etc. which are called a bear and honey buzzard in the natural enemy of bees, such as a spider, a dragonfly, a killifish. 

A certain fixed kind carries out extensive generating because a natural enemy is not in surrounding environment. 

If nature leave alone , it can keep the balance of an ecosystem skillful. 

A ladybug visits the place in which a plant louse is, and a bee and birds visit the place in which a wooly bear is. 
It is very natural. 

If troubled by the noxious insect, it is important that I get the natural enemy of the insects to be. 

Although it may be a digression, 

When the earth is seen as one animate life, man may be a troublesome noxious insect which carries out extensive generating to the earth and destroys nature and an ecosystem. 

I would like to consider how to live together that it is skillful and natural somehow, and to go. 

I feel that "coexistence" and such a period have already come from "competition." 

Monday, 4 February 2013

monthly brown rice!

We have it ready in the store of kayagreen!

These are free papers about macrobiotic.

Person who does macrobiotic tend to hit the wall often.
There is so many misunderstanding such as cannot eat meat or fish, cult religion.

I really recommend to all who feel a little difficult to do macrobiotic,
or feel to do anti-social behavior with macrobiotic,
seeking to an answer for macrobiotic by yourself,
or who doesn't know what macrobiotic is and so on.
Because everyone can enjoy them.

Fell free to come garden just for read them. it's ok :-)

※If you have serious problem such as allegic or atopy, I can share my books about macrobiotic and qualified person.

I also just moved Akashi in 2012, so it will be happy to share info about macrobiotic, agriculture, permculture in Kansai area too 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

drift to an organic garden

  • 2012.07.29

It is a residence of T at Akashi-shi.
The purple mold disease has broken out in the Japanese oak of a hedge.
The surrounding environment has a planting portion in along the road of asphalt in the residential street.

The step is weeded out finely.
(The direction of the house took care and was done so)

The grandmother managed in the garden for years this time passed away, and I was allowed to make one proposal by a thing that the young Mrs. will manage the garden.
Doesn't it shift to organic management from the old management method?
Let's install bottom grass and a banker plant and cope with it having no agricultural chemicals and sick.
I planted one share of lippia and one share of ajuga at a time at feet of an oak tree, left the weeds of the big bowl which must have been removed as it was, and it made it have a situation seen.

The shift to Organic Garden needs time.
First of all it is important to change into a healthy state the wooden root and ground of an oak which has a disease of purple mold.
I decided to hear for seeing a situation in autumn.
It is related to shift to a certain meaning and organic management also with shift of a sense of values and a lifestyle.
I just wish it if I have seen a situation and could drift with no stress.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

weeding helps you sliming?

  • 2012.08.09

Come to act as a shop tender of kayagreen.

My body fat decreased in number a little more than 3%, and muscles increased by about 2 kg.
Weight is almost same.

I was so surprised.

There must be little time to be kayagreen of weeds and a good friend and spend on weeding compared with other gardens.

Then, my husband said. only by having squatted down when an inner muscle is trained , is it?
If it says so, I would like to measure the grip for which I feel that power came to go into stomach from a front.

Muscle is not visible that the work at full swing that is why an old person often says squats down is hard .

How about if you don't have a garden put a potted plant on the ground, squatting down once and watching once a day?
you might get optional of a diet or muscular increase in quantity other than natural small world follows?



In search of the shade, it is only I in the spot of portisland, and the lunch break, and lunch.

It is hot anyway.
Other craftsmen of the take refuge in air conditioning of a car.

If I have the shade, I am comfortable.
With the shade of a tree, no complaint in addition.
It is the shade of a tree in summer.
Hot weather is maybe a few, I hope.
I will overcome somehow till the Bon Festival.


kayagreen introduced by Chiruchin-bito-hiroba

  • 2012.08.25 Saturday

We had  publish for the Web version "Chiluchin-bito Hiroba" of a magazine "Chiluchin-bito".
"Home is way-of-life earth life magazine Chiluchin-bito" request was obtained and I bought it with the bookstore, in the direction of the magazine, much interesting information about a residence appeared.

The web version has contain about a cafe, a restaurant, a hotel, food, interior design, miscellaneous goods, a gallery, a studio, an organization, a classroom, the nursery school, etc, as well as a residence it was the information full load which lives happily.
If encounter good again can be performed taking advantage of this opportunity, I think that I am glad.
Since there is often good encounter true these days, it is a delightful limitation.
I am thankful to all of you.
Thank you very much.


It is organic about "Edible Garden"

  • 2012.09.12

The garden which can be eaten is offered by organic one.
This is likely to serve as a big theme of the production of the garden of the future of kayagreen.

Gardeners are planting the trees for admiration in the garden enough until now.
The garden was in use as for upper-income earners until twenty century.

How is the present age?
We have no doubt to buy vegetables and fruits in a supermarket.
But that various problems lurk there has published on the page of the above-mentioned eco-a partment.

How there should be any present-day garden, a keyword for an individual's future residence is the production of the agroforestry garden become. Doesn't it?

Although it is also the problem of the consciousness of the directivity of future administration, town planning, and a resident that will plant a Japan cedar and a hinoki in a house for the purpose of sales in the future,
I would like to study the production of the garden of also raising, harvesting and enjoying little land from now on.

The beefsteak plant which plants the deciduous tree used as the fuel for a wood stove and which grows under it in the shade a shiso japanese herb is planted in the approach which plants fruit in the circumference of the approach which plants herbs.

The idea has been springing.

Please consult with us once who think that what we will do with the garden by new house.

How about don't think the garden which can be eaten by organic one to be us together?