Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn Roses and Autumnal rain front

  • 2012.09.25

There were seven kinds of roses in the garden of kayagreen, the preparation in autumn was begun to each.

A perpetual rose will see a season in full bloom soon.

Since the rose of kayagreen is cultivated with no agrochemicals, the leaf of the rose of summer will be the food for a green caterpillar.
Still a rose is a rose, Although species are all improved over and over again. Origin was weeds. it is wild.
If the ground is rich and even its root is strong, a stalk and a leaf will grow rapidly with the rain of autumn.

How to enjoy a rose is really up to persons.
The person adhering to how manage a difficult kind firmly and it makes many flowers bloom is, and there are those who want to plant a strong kind and to enjoy a flower freely.

The method of the pleasure is carried out  differently in kayagreen.
Although a difficult kind is immediately taken illness, the "wild nature taste" will increse a root rapidly by keeping it healthy.
The ground is raised intently, and if a leaf is released.
A leaf becomes tattering, it makes sprouts open all at once summer at the end time in September.
It is an exciting and dazzling season.

That is, "a feeling of wildness" of the difficult kind is enjoyed.
It will just be "rose" only by one flower blooming.

Now, now, it is rose best time to see!
Please come to see in the kayagreen's garden!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

We have logs for a garden

We have some logs at backyard of Kayagreen.
I cut them out from customers garden.
They can re-use for the ground stop of a flower bed 
If you want some, ask sisiter who in charge of open garden.

Monday, 24 September 2012

mowing of summer

  • 2012.07.29

The residence of Y at Suma-ku

This house made a lawn and weeds mixed and it has managed it by organic one.
Although  carried out outbreak to wooly bears of the Masaki hedge once in front of about five years, I was allowed to manage for ten years or more, and state of emergency was right.
Now, there is no generating of a pest and all garden trees are fine.

Although it is an open field of good touch, it is too much grow as a garden.
Erigeron annuus and mugwort rise and it is hard to walk.

It cut in the least.
summer grass -- the present time(In July) -- it is good to cut to this extent.
moderate -- trampling -- growth of weeds can be controlled between summer.

The step of a zelkova is unsunny and there is little how depending on which weeds spring up.
Although I thinks that what is necessary is just to plant bottom grass in the shade,
a Madam doesn't want to that because she believes the care are troublesome.
For me to think that it is good.

The garden has covered with the stepping stones as approach.

The reverse side of a house is a natural mountain so the enviroment of the house is excellent.
depens on a ground also approaches liking, I will show well the plan to mix several kinds and to also use weeds efficiently moreover rather than making it single ground cover plants.
In the case of the residence of Y although it has become so, it is a pattern with pleasant it.


green caterpillars !

  • 2012.07.29

There is several kinds of roses are planted in the garden of kayagreen.
Under the leaves where caterpillars are hiding.
The leaf of rose a delicious ?
It is a mantis, parasitism punishment and a long-legged wasp, and the sister to eradicate caterpillar.
Common everybody!


a olive tree and conifers

  • 2012.07.29

The residence of N in Nada-ku.

The around of the door is pruned shapely, a support is made an olive, and took them a photo.
There was a beehive in an olive.
There are many this year.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Made cool business card with Letterpress printing at Trunk Design

  • 2012.07.28 Saturday


We moved from the old homepage ( huhu blog ), newly start as an open garden & staff blog.
Before, I was writing the blog alone, a new blog will write by two persons, me and my wife (in charge of the open garden) .

We hope you enjoy our blog.

Now, a homepage become new, the address of the shop also changes by rezoning,
it is a time to make new business card.
I asked sister( my wife, It is by this name from now on )to go to a card shop to make new one.
But it is not done at all.
Always saying that she forgot.
It can really do when? I said.
One Saturday afternoon, July is nearly finish.
We had a meeting at the morning, When obtaining a rest from the afternoon at last and I have felt relieved.
She says, "There is a place to take."
Where ?  --to the shop at Tarumi while saying it .
When we went into the shop, the Artist of leather work, she put and arranged her handmade leather goods.
Good vibes, I was fascinated them for a while.
There is likely to be something also in back one.

Isn't there the machine of letterpress printing?

It was the shop of TRUNK DESIGN where I was taken

This month is my birthday month.

Letterpress printing had ordered by surprise!

Since I did not notice at all, I was surprised truly.
I have typography shown in surprise.
Shall we print the cards?.
So I started to print my cards by myself.
( At TRUNK DESIGN, when you order letterpress printing,
you can choose full order or try letterpress printing yourself )

Set a card on the machine and then press it !!!

thick paper, embossed letters, full of handmade taste card.

Sisiter was trying too.
"Press it more strongly!"  I was saying and shift with her.

Am I in better shape?

It was a bit of hard work to print 100 cards.

But it was pleasant.
It was first time to try letterpress printing by myself, and the staff is also kind too.

Ta-dah! Finally I made 100cards!!!
They need make dry for a day, then I can dye with coffee or grass.
They are also cool too, so I will try it later on.
Thank you sisiter.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

open garden


 It is a kind called the lion lock of a pink.
Probably, they look like the face of a lion?


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

found yellow ladybird

  • 2012.07.29

The yellow ladybird was found when it carried ouI went to leaf cutting in the Mainsion in Takarazuka.
A yellow ladybied is a useful insect which eats mildew.
Must it protect carefully, without sprinkling agricultural chemicals etc?