Monday, 24 September 2012

mowing of summer

  • 2012.07.29

The residence of Y at Suma-ku

This house made a lawn and weeds mixed and it has managed it by organic one.
Although  carried out outbreak to wooly bears of the Masaki hedge once in front of about five years, I was allowed to manage for ten years or more, and state of emergency was right.
Now, there is no generating of a pest and all garden trees are fine.

Although it is an open field of good touch, it is too much grow as a garden.
Erigeron annuus and mugwort rise and it is hard to walk.

It cut in the least.
summer grass -- the present time(In July) -- it is good to cut to this extent.
moderate -- trampling -- growth of weeds can be controlled between summer.

The step of a zelkova is unsunny and there is little how depending on which weeds spring up.
Although I thinks that what is necessary is just to plant bottom grass in the shade,
a Madam doesn't want to that because she believes the care are troublesome.
For me to think that it is good.

The garden has covered with the stepping stones as approach.

The reverse side of a house is a natural mountain so the enviroment of the house is excellent.
depens on a ground also approaches liking, I will show well the plan to mix several kinds and to also use weeds efficiently moreover rather than making it single ground cover plants.
In the case of the residence of Y although it has become so, it is a pattern with pleasant it.


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