Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn Roses and Autumnal rain front

  • 2012.09.25

There were seven kinds of roses in the garden of kayagreen, the preparation in autumn was begun to each.

A perpetual rose will see a season in full bloom soon.

Since the rose of kayagreen is cultivated with no agrochemicals, the leaf of the rose of summer will be the food for a green caterpillar.
Still a rose is a rose, Although species are all improved over and over again. Origin was weeds. it is wild.
If the ground is rich and even its root is strong, a stalk and a leaf will grow rapidly with the rain of autumn.

How to enjoy a rose is really up to persons.
The person adhering to how manage a difficult kind firmly and it makes many flowers bloom is, and there are those who want to plant a strong kind and to enjoy a flower freely.

The method of the pleasure is carried out  differently in kayagreen.
Although a difficult kind is immediately taken illness, the "wild nature taste" will increse a root rapidly by keeping it healthy.
The ground is raised intently, and if a leaf is released.
A leaf becomes tattering, it makes sprouts open all at once summer at the end time in September.
It is an exciting and dazzling season.

That is, "a feeling of wildness" of the difficult kind is enjoyed.
It will just be "rose" only by one flower blooming.

Now, now, it is rose best time to see!
Please come to see in the kayagreen's garden!


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