Thursday, 20 September 2012

Made cool business card with Letterpress printing at Trunk Design

  • 2012.07.28 Saturday


We moved from the old homepage ( huhu blog ), newly start as an open garden & staff blog.
Before, I was writing the blog alone, a new blog will write by two persons, me and my wife (in charge of the open garden) .

We hope you enjoy our blog.

Now, a homepage become new, the address of the shop also changes by rezoning,
it is a time to make new business card.
I asked sister( my wife, It is by this name from now on )to go to a card shop to make new one.
But it is not done at all.
Always saying that she forgot.
It can really do when? I said.
One Saturday afternoon, July is nearly finish.
We had a meeting at the morning, When obtaining a rest from the afternoon at last and I have felt relieved.
She says, "There is a place to take."
Where ?  --to the shop at Tarumi while saying it .
When we went into the shop, the Artist of leather work, she put and arranged her handmade leather goods.
Good vibes, I was fascinated them for a while.
There is likely to be something also in back one.

Isn't there the machine of letterpress printing?

It was the shop of TRUNK DESIGN where I was taken

This month is my birthday month.

Letterpress printing had ordered by surprise!

Since I did not notice at all, I was surprised truly.
I have typography shown in surprise.
Shall we print the cards?.
So I started to print my cards by myself.
( At TRUNK DESIGN, when you order letterpress printing,
you can choose full order or try letterpress printing yourself )

Set a card on the machine and then press it !!!

thick paper, embossed letters, full of handmade taste card.

Sisiter was trying too.
"Press it more strongly!"  I was saying and shift with her.

Am I in better shape?

It was a bit of hard work to print 100 cards.

But it was pleasant.
It was first time to try letterpress printing by myself, and the staff is also kind too.

Ta-dah! Finally I made 100cards!!!
They need make dry for a day, then I can dye with coffee or grass.
They are also cool too, so I will try it later on.
Thank you sisiter.

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