Thursday, 4 October 2012

Does weeds ugly or beautiful? (Summer in 2012)

  • 2012.08.27

Majority of people think, weeds have to be weeding as soon as possible.
It may seem that you are lazy if weeds are grown, or a complaint may be made from the neighbour, or you may be feeling that it is not good to something.

But an open field and a dry riverbed and summer grass are seen have grown thick, and it makes me softened.

Weeds cultivate the ground, help breeding of a microbe, make soil rich, take over a pest, photosynthesize, discharge oxygen, and fix temperature of earth surface.
As for the asphalt of summer, skin temperature also turns into 60 degrees. 。
The place in which weeds have grown becomes temperature about the same as the case where asphalt is watered.

The heat island effect in a city is also controlled.

That is, it is better for weeds to some extent especially to have grown in the garden in urban areas.
It is called banker plants to draw a pest to weeds.
If a single plant is clustered, a pest will concentrate on it.

The method which does not become awkward even if weeds have sprung up is making trees for the natural form of a grass object.
It leaves the weeds which are often likely to observe the weeds which have sprung up and are likely to become a picture, and makes them live together.

Weeds make various flowers bloom according to a season, and also have much grass which can be used, such as mugwort, a dandelion, and dokudami.

I think that that the four seasons can be enjoyed has first weeds.

Although the garden of kayagreen is making whole surface weeds and a curb plant intermingled, if it does not make a mistake in balance, time and effort is not taken, either, and it is single, for example, you notice that there is correspondence power rather than planting of only a lawn.
An always fresh ground is made corresponding to sunny or a season.
And air notices a fresh thing.

Vegetables and fruits become delicious by coexisting with weeds, and become strong.

Since weeds are required for a nature, they exist.
The ground is built, a tree is cultivated and the foundations of an ecosystem are built.

It is because weeds cannot be lived that it is environment with a desert or the Arctic Circle severe for people living.
The city paved all and has made the artificial desert.

Also in order to maintain the fundamental environment where people live, I would like to leave weeds to the city garden to some extent so that planting of a street etc. and the garden of ordinary homes may also use neither agricultural chemicals nor a chemical fertilizer.


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