Sunday, 7 October 2012

so many Dragonflies!!!

  • 2012.09.11

The peak of summer passes and it is becoming somewhat cool.
The dragonfly was flying and coming in large crowd also to the garden of kayagreen.
The number was about Twenty!
It was like Naushika's Sivash woods.
It is a little surprised!

Probably a photograph is a gray dragonfly or Akiakane.
Seemingly midsummer is in the cool place of high ground, and Akiakane will get down from it to a village in autumn.
It flew and was coming in large crowd.

A dragonfly eats small insects, such as a mosquito, a fly, a moth, flying.
So I can say, it is natural touch like mosquito-repellant incense.
It is an insect which I want to greatly fly and to come.

It is a gray dragonfly above the picture.

There was one gray dragonfly to Akiakane being a large herd.
It is said that a male will seemingly have a territory and will drive off other males if it investigates.

The dragonfly is flying and it is a sign of autumn also in the small garden.


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