Wednesday, 17 October 2012

weeding helps you sliming?

  • 2012.08.09

Come to act as a shop tender of kayagreen.

My body fat decreased in number a little more than 3%, and muscles increased by about 2 kg.
Weight is almost same.

I was so surprised.

There must be little time to be kayagreen of weeds and a good friend and spend on weeding compared with other gardens.

Then, my husband said. only by having squatted down when an inner muscle is trained , is it?
If it says so, I would like to measure the grip for which I feel that power came to go into stomach from a front.

Muscle is not visible that the work at full swing that is why an old person often says squats down is hard .

How about if you don't have a garden put a potted plant on the ground, squatting down once and watching once a day?
you might get optional of a diet or muscular increase in quantity other than natural small world follows?


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