Wednesday, 17 October 2012

kayagreen introduced by Chiruchin-bito-hiroba

  • 2012.08.25 Saturday

We had  publish for the Web version "Chiluchin-bito Hiroba" of a magazine "Chiluchin-bito".
"Home is way-of-life earth life magazine Chiluchin-bito" request was obtained and I bought it with the bookstore, in the direction of the magazine, much interesting information about a residence appeared.

The web version has contain about a cafe, a restaurant, a hotel, food, interior design, miscellaneous goods, a gallery, a studio, an organization, a classroom, the nursery school, etc, as well as a residence it was the information full load which lives happily.
If encounter good again can be performed taking advantage of this opportunity, I think that I am glad.
Since there is often good encounter true these days, it is a delightful limitation.
I am thankful to all of you.
Thank you very much.


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