Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It is organic about "Edible Garden"

  • 2012.09.12

The garden which can be eaten is offered by organic one.
This is likely to serve as a big theme of the production of the garden of the future of kayagreen.

Gardeners are planting the trees for admiration in the garden enough until now.
The garden was in use as for upper-income earners until twenty century.

How is the present age?
We have no doubt to buy vegetables and fruits in a supermarket.
But that various problems lurk there has published on the page of the above-mentioned eco-a partment.

How there should be any present-day garden, a keyword for an individual's future residence is the production of the agroforestry garden become. Doesn't it?

Although it is also the problem of the consciousness of the directivity of future administration, town planning, and a resident that will plant a Japan cedar and a hinoki in a house for the purpose of sales in the future,
I would like to study the production of the garden of also raising, harvesting and enjoying little land from now on.

The beefsteak plant which plants the deciduous tree used as the fuel for a wood stove and which grows under it in the shade a shiso japanese herb is planted in the approach which plants fruit in the circumference of the approach which plants herbs.

The idea has been springing.

Please consult with us once who think that what we will do with the garden by new house.

How about don't think the garden which can be eaten by organic one to be us together?


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