Wednesday, 6 February 2013

about insects (my point of view at summer 2012)

It is said that the gross weight of an ant is heavier than the gross weight of the human being in the world.
The earth is overflowing with insects.
I think that it will be a natural view that human can coexist with insects.

Although I dislike insects, I think that it is fate that I cannot but associate with an insect as long as work of a gardener is done.

Although it is called a noxious insect and a useful insect, it is a human-centered view and is an existence indispensable also to the insects called a noxious insect for those predation persons, considering the ecosystem of the earth. 
The ant, and gejigeji and the insecticide for dangomushi are also marketed now, and an ant, gejigeji, and dangomushi are existences indispensable to carrying out early breakdown of the organic matter which fell to the ground.
Next a microbe disassembles the thing which they disassembled and it makes the rich ground

If it says by an ecosystem, a wooly bear supports parasitism punishment and the plant louse is supporting the ladybug, for example. 
The natural enemy of a mosquito is a bird etc. which are called a bear and honey buzzard in the natural enemy of bees, such as a spider, a dragonfly, a killifish. 

A certain fixed kind carries out extensive generating because a natural enemy is not in surrounding environment. 

If nature leave alone , it can keep the balance of an ecosystem skillful. 

A ladybug visits the place in which a plant louse is, and a bee and birds visit the place in which a wooly bear is. 
It is very natural. 

If troubled by the noxious insect, it is important that I get the natural enemy of the insects to be. 

Although it may be a digression, 

When the earth is seen as one animate life, man may be a troublesome noxious insect which carries out extensive generating to the earth and destroys nature and an ecosystem. 

I would like to consider how to live together that it is skillful and natural somehow, and to go. 

I feel that "coexistence" and such a period have already come from "competition." 

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