Monday, 4 February 2013

monthly brown rice!

We have it ready in the store of kayagreen!

These are free papers about macrobiotic.

Person who does macrobiotic tend to hit the wall often.
There is so many misunderstanding such as cannot eat meat or fish, cult religion.

I really recommend to all who feel a little difficult to do macrobiotic,
or feel to do anti-social behavior with macrobiotic,
seeking to an answer for macrobiotic by yourself,
or who doesn't know what macrobiotic is and so on.
Because everyone can enjoy them.

Fell free to come garden just for read them. it's ok :-)

※If you have serious problem such as allegic or atopy, I can share my books about macrobiotic and qualified person.

I also just moved Akashi in 2012, so it will be happy to share info about macrobiotic, agriculture, permculture in Kansai area too 

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